Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sorry I wasn't there...

My deepest condolences to YY and her family, and CW.

Stay strong my friend.

Let me tell you a truth. The sadness that you guys are feeling has crossed the borders and struck me right at my heart. And the pledge of you guys has somehow been shared by me, and that fire-burning-in-the-heart feeling, although it has always been there, is especially strong this time.

No matter what happened, don't lose the reason to fight for your future. We are the decision-makers of our lives, arent we? We are not those people whose words speak louder than action, are we? Lets pray that we are not. But by praying you don't get assurance. So we will have to make it sure by Doing.

Let me tell you another truth. If I died at the next instant, I believe apart from my family, you guys will be the ones come flashing through my mind before i give up my last breath.

See you guys in the coming November. Lets put on a smile and continue with what we have been doing :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yes.. fate, indeed, did a lot in allocating every individual's encounters in life.. hard times everybody has... same goes to good times. No matter you are born rich or poor, you still need to work hard, because "working hard" is so a mechanism in improving ur position in life. I call myself a lucky kid because i have almost everything, family, FRENS FOR LIFE, and someone i love so much, and no doubt is Sze Yin. But despite being allocated by fate into an above average family in terms of wealth, i never forgot to work hard, right? I am still studying like shit, an average of 6 hours a day of studying, tried picking up a part time job, am still trying hard to get scholarship and stuffs. Because i am so used to being a nerd? and that is what keeps me sitting there for 6 hours? nah... it's so hard... distraction is everywhere... and i really cant tell how long i can last, but at least i am trying my very best to last. Chee Wei, Kee Nam, all born wealthy? they were born smarter? They also studied like shit okay.

C'mon... the way you lived college was WRONG. But the last chance still remains---UNI. Dun repeat what you have been repeating again. Study hard and we will succeed together one day. Have faith in yourself. You have been through all the hard times, you are probably tougher than any of us, and you are NOT GIVING IN TO FATE. Studying is a much simpler thing to do compared what you have gone through, so there's no way u cant.